Shay Williams,


Shay started painting clothes in middle school; which eventually lead him to explore his interest in art while in high school. After graduating high school, Shay enrolled into Montgomery college of arts; he dropped out after his first semester and went to barber school. He continued to paint on his own Leisure because it's something he still love to do. Shay eventually pursued other trades, that would pull him away from painting. Mourning over the recent deaths of both of his parents, Shay realized the value of friends, family, and people in general. "As You get Older its Hard to Express that value, we  work countless hours, to maintaining the lifestyles we want to maintain." So naturally you lose contact with a lot of People as Time Flies. So his love for art became a outlet to reach those close to him. Shay  found his artwork to be his voice for him to address current  events, to share his own opinion and say what he felt, things he could never say in passing conversations. Shay believes his Artwork became a opportunity to inspire those close to him and the rest of society. Shay describes his art as Conceptual Art. He feels it's very straight forward with his delivery. With influences from: hip hop to some rock/skate culture and graffiti. Another influence of Shay is the bohemian Art Life Style in The 80s And 90’s. Shay believes his art has taken a life of it's own, though that may sound cliche; he has seen how some of his art has truly impact those around him. With that being said Shay see's things coming back to an era similar to the begging of the 80’s and 90's where artist was the bridge between high and low class in our culture; "Where the starving Artist is able to fellowship with high end society and enjoy the organic feeling of the youths creations……or something like that lol"