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WUSUP WITH THE HYENA THING? : The hyenas for me is a symbol for strength perseverance..but it all depends how you view it. When it comes to the "Hyena Theory" I wanted to give room for people to come up wit their own interpretations of what it means because eventually what ever you come up with, it’s gonna all lead to the same place. Most people incorporate hyenas wit villains/bad guys,or the bottom of the jungle class “Scavengers”, battered and bruised but still able to smile and laugh , willful in isolation but stronger in numbers. So I took those stereotype as a badge of honor and turn a negative light on these animals into somewhat of a positive, like “Yea SO WHAT”. Essentially I came up with the concept because I wanted to address social issues, political issues, and life issues through my paintings without using actual humans. the reason being it would be really direct and harsh and the first thing anybody sees is race and color, but with everybody being hyenas all you will be able to see is the message . I was looking for somewhat of a mascot to represent me without having to say much, so i came up with hyenas. To me the trick to legendary art is saying a lot without saying much ….u kno. 

Shay Wills Solo Art Show

Hoolagans & Hyenas Vol.1 

Los Angeles, California