For Those who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself: 

Shay Will originally from Reading, Pennsylvania its a little city outside of Philly. I moved and grew up in P.G County, Maryland a middle class suburb outside of Washington DC and i am a obviously an Artist lol.


OUT OF THE WIDE RANGE AND FORMS OF ART WHY PAINT?: Well I've always painted as long as I could remember I've always wanted be the guy making the cartoons I watched, the comics I was reading and the games I was playing. I also had an early appreciation for graffiti and murals I can’t really explain it fully thats just what I gravitated towards until became sort of a second nature to me. So I’ve always been good at art I guess the love for it grew as I got older  

AS YOUR LOVE GREW WHAT BECAME YOUR INSPIRATION?: For a longtime it wasn’t cool to be an artist so I had to pull from things like poetry, music, movies to reflect on what I was creating. Because of that I got into documentaries, they were nostalgic facts. So I immediately search for the ones about artist's and the history and culture behind it. I got inspired how the Brooklyn Bohiem art scene moved in the 80’s n 90’s. They were one cohesive unit but drawn from different gifts and walks of life. As long as everybody did their part, this “valtron”of art was push to the for front. So it inspired me to do my part and reflect the times and people I'm around now to push our culture forward, that show's in my art.



"No matter what side of the area you're in, you're going to see some art

WHATS THE ART SCENE LIKE IN THE DMV AREA?: Its really possessive in a way, its unique but none the less possessive ..what I mean by that is, here we're like “no thats mines”with everything. Our music we listen to, to the food we eat, to the clothes we wear: new balance, beanies, skull caps and no you can’t have it. The same goes for the art scene its underground but also a gem, and if you know about it then great, the more the mary. For the most part a lot of people don’t know about it yet, but then again its everywhere, you can’t miss it. No matter what side of the area you're in, you're going to see some art because unlike other states we don’t have an art district or a certain place to go. Its more like a wide spread variety of different spot's or hosted events, easy accessed and connected by a metro system, which is doing  great for us.  So then in return there's art everywhere. Thats what is actually championed here, the actual art when its done. The variety of artist we hang with and where we hang/create, the process. That has kinda taken the back burner to the actual product, but thats how we like it here.